Over the past three years, I have captured and produced some amazing content for some incredible people. Filming documentaries about incredible custom car builds, telling the stories of what makes a sisterhood, or filming a hype video for a D1 basketball team, I am ready to take on whatever your dream may be.

Karl Kustoms: Behind the Build -1970 Chevelle
Karl Kustoms: Behind the Build – 1956 Chevy Bel Air
Highlight’s from Drake Women’s Basketball

Video has always been a side passion of mine next to photography. I always enjoyed the aspect of taking photos more than I did with video. As I have gained experience in both fields, I have noticed how much learning photography has translated to video but also vice versa. Knowing how to manipulate light, frame a subject for lower thirds, make sure I keep enough headroom for graphics, etc. have all been things that photography has thought me, which translates to video.

Drake Men’s Basketball
Delta Gamma Sorority
The Legends Golf Course